ZERO Evac Controlled Rate Descender RED000R

Product Code: RED000R

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Controlled rate descender

Product Description

ZERO Evac Controlled Rate Descender RED000R

This ZERO Evac Controlled Rate Descender is an evacuation device with which a person fitted in a full arrest harness can descend on their own.

The Evac is ideal for self-evacuation or recovery of a casualty from tall structures. The descent speed is automatically limited during descent.

Features of the ZERO Evac Controlled Rate:

  • Use with polyamide kernmantle rope (11mm only)
  • Rope needs to be ordered separately
  • Descent speed: 0.8m – 1.5m / sec
  • Minimum load: 20kg
  • Maximum load:150kg
  • Recommended maximum lifetime: 6 years
  • This product is intended for one person use only

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