John Bull

John Bull Footwear embraces the spirit of New Zealand, equipping hardworking folk with boots that can withstand even the most extreme and rugged conditions. Founded in 1934 by The Daisley Bootmaking Family, these sturdy shoes were designed to protect those who faced long days at work or out on their farms—and John Bull has remained committed to producing quality footwear for over 85 years now! They’re proud of their heritage and passionate about helping individuals rise up in confidence against all odds; as they say “take the bull by the horns”.

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John Bull Raptor Boot Slip-on 4282

UK Sizing = A popular rural style, this all-rounder features revolutionary CushionCore technology.

$180.26 $159.53 (GST Excl.)


John Bull Himalaya 2.0 Boots – 4545

Our most popular lace-up. These are your general workhorse boot that can go almost anywhere.

$214.07 $188.38 (GST Excl.)


John Bull Elkhorn Boot 5588 Zip Black

The John Bull Elkhorn is Great for tradies, electricians, and emergency service workers as well as security and transport.

$172.53 $152.69 (GST Excl.)


John Bull Kokoda 3.0 – 4999 Zip-Side High-Leg Boot

UK Sizing

$259.58 $229.73 (GST Excl.)


John Bull 4998 Wildcat 3.0 Safety Boots

Tough industrial boot – UK Sizing

$254.79 $229.31 (GST Excl.)


John Bull Buck 3.0 – 4997 Safety Boots

A boot made for the king of the site

$254.79 $224.22 (GST Excl.)


John Bull 4996 Bronco 3.0 Safety Boots

300 degrees Celsius heat resistant sole

$254.79 $222.94 (GST Excl.)


John Bull Fusion 3.0 Slip On Safety Boot 4991

Built for toughness,

$194.66 $172.27 (GST Excl.)


John Bull Brahman 5261 Slip-On Safety Boot

John Bull Brahman— A robust boots that can handle every job. From hobbyist projects to hard-working days on the job….

$104.39 $92.39 (GST Excl.)


John Bull Crow 2.0 4598 – Zip Sided Boots

the ultimate heavy-duty zip sided lace up boot

$252.41 $220.86 (GST Excl.)


John Bull ORYX 2.0 4590 Safety Boots Black Boa® Lace


$319.41 $274.69 (GST Excl.)


John Bull Cougar 4291 Slip on Safety Boot

John Bull Cougar Slip-on Safety Boot – They look good, and they feel good. So, what more is there? You…

$183.69 $162.57 (GST Excl.)


John Bull 8201 Bianco Boot White

Who said food-grade boots couldn’t be comfortable? These John Bull 8201 Bianco Boots also have excellent grip in wet and…

$169.52 $150.03 (GST Excl.)


John Bull Leopard Safety Jogger

Light, agile, swift and strong with super cushioning for comfort and steel toe cap for protection.

$167.61 $148.33 (GST Excl.)


John Bull 6509 Mamba Black Safety Boot

The John Bull 6509 Mamba Black Safety Boot with a sleek all-black style, breathable fabric and durable padding, Mamba is…

$145.22 $128.52 (GST Excl.)


John Bull 6506 Python Safety Boot

The John Bull 6506 Python Safety Boots are perfect if you work in an environment where you like to look…

$145.22 $128.52 (GST Excl.)


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