Hard Yakka Kneepads Legends Ultimate

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Almost part of your body.

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Product Description

Hard Yakka Kneepads Legends Ultimate

Give your knees protection with the Hard Yakka Legends Ultimate Kneepads that have been built to last longer, and have been tested to prove it.

Tested to Australian Standards, no damage was found to the knee pads after a whopping one million flexes, setting the benchmark for seriously tough kneepads.

The Hard Yakka Legends Ultimate Kneepads can also be cut down to size to fit smaller garments. Also they can be paired with the other Legends range of men’s and women’s pants.

Almost part of your body.


One size fits all


Heavy industrial, construction, roadwork, steelwork, mechanic, landscaping, mining, airports, also security

Hard Yakka Sustainability Vision

As a trusted partner for workwear solutions, Hard Yakka are committed to also meeting, exceeding and leading customers’ and community sustainability goals.

Hard Yakka constantly innovate and strive to advance a world class sustainability agenda, which leads the Australasian workwear apparel industry.

Hard Yakka are always looking for areas to improve in their business and supply chain. Proud of their efforts to always do better themselves and for their customers and communities.

About Hard Yakka

Hard Yakka derived from an ancient Aboriginal word
meaning work and toil. Today however, Hard Yakka means quality and reliability and that’s why we are the hardest working, most respected work wear brand in Australia.


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