Emergency Pedestal Mounted Hand and Foot Operated Eye and Face Wash

Product Code: 18-1007

$1824.97 (GST Excl.)

$2098.72 (GST Incl.)

Pedestal mounted.

Product Description

Emergency Pedestal Mounted Hand and Foot Operated Eye and Face Wash

Accidental contamination of the eyes, nose and mouth are ever-present risks when using, storing, or transiting dangerous chemicals. This highly effective hand and foot operated product flushes out irritants and other harmful liquids by delivering fluid to both eyes at the same time and at a rate that is optimal, and which won’t damage the eye itself. Sight is precious – this unit ensures it is protected.

Assembly required.

Replacement valve: 18-1014


  • Pedestal mounted
  • Eye/face wash features Vertech™Technology where dedicated eyewash and independently angled face wash streams deliver optimum coverage
  • Zero velocity apex point provides more comfort and control for effective eye cleansing
  • Easy to operate
  • Complies with the requirements of ANSI Z358.1 and AS4775
  • Stainless steel bowl, and hand actuator
  • Push activated eye/face wash with soft aerated flow and integral auto-open dust covers
  • When activated, water will continuously flow through
  • High-visibility yellow powder coated push handle and foot pedal
  • Dimensions: 875mm (height from base to top of bowl)
  • Weight: 9kgs


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