Controlco Vehicle Spill Kit – Oil Only – 20L

Product Code: 13-1009

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Product Description

Controlco Vehicle Spill Kit – Oil Only – 20L

Oil and fuel spills can come almost out of nowhere, so it’s best to be prepared. This kit has everything vehicles working in and around waterways or shorelines need to respond quickly and appropriately when a spill occurs. The leading products packed into the kit selectively absorb hydrocarbons, leaving water behind. That makes clean-ups fast and efficient and avoids waste. Spill response instructions are included because we all need a little reminder now and then.

Refill kit: 13-1009R.

• For oils, fuels, and solvents – not water
• Compact and easy to access quickly in emergencies

• Absorbs up to 20L per kit
• Weight: 4.4kgs
• Dimensions: 220 x 650 x 220mm (h,w,d)


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