Controlco Vehicle Spill Kit – Aggressive – 20L

Product Code: 13-1011

$173.74 (GST Excl.)

Product Description

Controlco Vehicle Spill Kit – Aggressive – 20L

When transporting harsh chemicals, this Controlco Vehicle Spill Kit can quickly prevent a small chemical spill from becoming a very big deal. Comprising absorbents specifically designed for responding to spills of strong acids, alkalis, and bases, it absorbs up to 20L. Packed in a very durable red PVC bag, it’s easy to store, easy to access, and provides peace of mind – because you never know what’s around the corner.

Refill kit: 13-1011R.

• Helps clean-up spills of all liquids including harsh acids
• Compact, and easy to access quickly in emergencies

• Absorbs up to 20L per kit
• Weight: 4.9kgs
• Dimensions: 220 x 650 x 220mm (h,w,d)


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