Contolco Sorbent Pad – Universal Heavy Weight PKT(10)

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Product Description

Contolco Sorbent Pad – Universal Heavy Weight PKT(10)

We’ll go out on a limb and say there is no business the length and breadth of the country which doesn’t need to have these on hand. (Or maybe even their big brother the 100 pad pack.) They’ll soak everyday spills from oils and fuels through to mild acids, detergents, and water-based liquids. When it comes to everyday clean-ups they’re very hard to beat.

• Suitable to mop-up all mild liquids including water
• Heavy weight
• Double ply construction
• Perforated for easy use

• 10 pads
• Colour: dark grey
• Absorbs up to 0.9L per pad
• Dimensions: 500 x 400mm (w,l)


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