Chemshed 18 Can Aerosol Store 04-1110

Product Code: 04-1110

$1331.29 (GST Excl.)

$1530.98 (GST Incl.)

Perforated to comply with ventilation standards.

Product Description

Chemshed 18 Can Aerosol Store 04-1110

This Chemshed Aerosol Store provides the storage safety, security and peace of mind smaller workshops deserve. When not stored appropriately and compliantly, cans are fire and explosion hazards and the workplace gets cluttered. On top of that, damaged cans become potential projectiles. (Not good.) Cans are also a target for theft and misuse – losing businesses money and resulting in damage to property. Lockable, with a durable, heavy duty construction, and bolt down plates, this store helps keep aerosols exactly where they’re supposed to be – and not out painting the town red.

Wall Bracket: 04-10613


  • Robust projectile protection for staff safety
  • Perforated to comply with ventilation standards
  • Practical design encourages compliance
  • Lockable to discourage theft or misuse


  • Supplied with class 2 decals
  • Complies with the design requirements of AS4332-2004
  • Weight: 9kgs
  • Internal dimensions: 341 x 438 x 225mm (h,w,d)
  • External dimensions: 400 x 557 x 285mm (h,w,d)


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