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Spec 3M S1201SGAF-AS Solus 1000 Series Clear Scotchgard with Anti-Fog Lens

Product Code: 70071676533

features Scotchgard™ Anti-Fog lens coating

$20.39 (GST Excl.)
Was: $22.65


Spec 3M SECUREFIT 200 SF201AF-AS Clear

Product Code: 70071676269

Snug fit keeps eyewear in place without slippage even when the person is in motion

$9.86 (GST Excl.)
Was: $10.95


Spec 3M SecureFit 400 Protective Eyewear SF401AF-AS, Clear

Product Code: 70071676368

Black Frame, Clear, Anti-Fog Lens

$17.06 (GST Excl.)
Was: $18.95


Pro Frontside Safety Glasses Clear Lens With Clear Frame

Product Code: 6500

Certified to AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 Personal Eye Protection Medium impact rated Our FRONTSIDE TR90 Frame is extremely comfortable to wear. Highly…

$21.83 (GST Excl.)
Was: $24.95


Esko G-Max+ Goggle/ Faceshield Clear

Product Code: GMAX-PO

Gmax+ impact eye protection vented goggle/faceshield

$37.40 (GST Excl.)

Tsunami Prochoice Clear Safety Specs

Product Code: 1600

Safety Specs

$3.56 (GST Excl.)
Was: $4.75


Bolle Rush+ Plus Safety Glasses Platinum Clear – 1662301

Product Code: 1662301

Bolle Rush plus ultra-sporty design, oltra light weight, built in brow protection

Protecting Your Eyes Blog Post

$16.12 (GST Excl.)
Was: $18.97


Glasses Bolle B-Line BL30 Clear ASAF

Product Code: PSSBL30-014

B-LINE is a range of safety eyewear adapted to the most common industrial risks.

$5.36 (GST Excl.)
Was: $6.31


Bolle Spec Ness + Platinum AS/AF Clear

Product Code: NESSPPSI

Ness+ Platinum safety glasses

$16.03 (GST Excl.)
Was: $17.81


Goggle Bolle Coverall AF/AS Clear

Product Code: 1686101

Functional and versatile PVC goggles that fit over prescription glasses

$26.62 (GST Excl.)

Goggle Bolle ULTIM8 Platinum AS/AF Clear

Product Code: ULTIPSISO

The most advanced protection for extreme work environments

$32.84 (GST Excl.)

Pilot 2 Platinum Goggle Clear Vent Bolle

Product Code: 1679110

Bolle Pilot 2 Googles

$31.40 (GST Excl.)

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