The Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats in the Workplace

In jobs where standing is done for a large portion of the day, fatigue can set in quickly. Fatigue leads to lower productivity and a higher likelihood of mistakes. It can also reduce employee morale. So how can you combat fatigue in the workplace? One method is by using anti-fatigue mats.

What are anti-fatigue mats?

Workplace anti-fatigue mats are floor mats that help to relieve stress on the body. They also improve blood circulation to help reduce body tiredness.

These mats are ideal for workplaces where employees stand and work in a small area. Some examples are line cooks, behind-the-counter retail workers, and dining hosts.

The Benefits of Anti Fatigue Mats in the Workplace

How anti-fatigue mats work

The benefits of anti-fatigue mats include productivity, health and wellbeing.

Anti-fatigue mats work by improving circulation around the body, creating micro-movements in the leg muscles. This also helps pump blood back to the heart and reduces other stress and fatigue including hip and back problems.

Compared to a hard floor, the shock absorption of anti-fatigue mats reduces compression of the spinal cord and improves posture as well as blood circulation.

What’s the best way to setup anti-fatigue mats?

The workplace should be set up so that the worker is able to move around frequently.

The right footwear is important too. Footwear should provide arch and heel support and cushioning while being comfortable to the wearer.

Anti-fatigue mats in a kitchen

What are the other Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Along with helping with tiredness, anti-fatigue mats promote improved posture, reduce circulatory problems, reduce joint and muscle pain, and increase productivity.

Improved Posture

Standing up puts lots of pressure on the joints due to the vertical weight of standing. Changing your standing position means that your weight can be spread evenly between both feet.

Reduce circulatory problems

Blood flows more freely around the body when you are standing up rather than sitting down. When the body isn’t moving the heart has to work harder to pump blood around the whole body.

However, using an anti-fatigue mat helps muscles and veins to relax, reducing the risk of health problems.

Reduce joint and muscle pain

Standing on hard floors for hours often leads to the stiffing of joints and shoulder and neck pain.

Pain in these areas tends to result in tension headaches affecting the ability to work.

When using anti-fatigue mats the cushioning beneath your feet will mean there is less pressure on the body. This means less chance of headaches and overall joint pain too.

Increase productivity

If you are having various aches and pains every day this can effect productivity. When standing we use 20% more energy and tire quickly. Fatigue can set in after just 90 minutes of standing.

With anti-fatigue mats combating these issues, you should see improvements in productivity, health and wellbeing.

Other Benefits

There are many other benefits of anti-fatigue mats. Check out Standing Smart Research by Professor Redha Taiar to find out more.

Anti-fatigue mat at a workstation

Mats and other products to combat fatigue

Protecting your workforce ensuring that they are safe and healthy should be a priority. Along with mats, we have other items at Safety1st to help combat fatigue. In office environments, blue blocker glasses can reduce eye strain. And proper gloves can minimise hand fatigue.

Reducing fatigue has benefits for everybody. Anti-fatigue mats give your workers a solid start alone. And when combined with proper work design and footwear, they help improve working conditions resulting in better productivity, less tiredness, and fewer bodily problems.