ZERO Lanyard ScaffPro Double Elasticated – Snap & Scaffold Hooks

Product Code: LSZ2W5E

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$246.53 (GST Incl.)

Double elasticated lanyard with snaphook & scaffold hooks

Product Description

ZERO Lanyard ScaffPro Double Elasticated – Snap & Scaffold Hooks

ZERO Lanyard ScaffPro Double Elasticated with Snaphook & Scaffold Hooks

This ZERO Lanyard ScaffPro is a favourite with scaffolders, construction and plant maintenance workers, the ScaffPro twin-tailed lanyard is designed for continuous 3-point connection to reduce the risk of a fall and the compact elasticated twin legs provide unhindered movement when not in use.

The ZERO® energy absorption system rapidly reduces energy in a fall and the heavy-duty cover protects the lanyard from environmental damage.

ZERO LSZ2W5E ScaffPro Specification Sheet

ZERO® energy absorption system.

Twin elasticated tails.

Polyester construction.

2x double action scaffold hooks (rated to 20kN).

1x snaphook connector (rated to 20kN).

Heavy-duty protective energy absorber cover.

Permitted to work in potentially explosive areas.

Rating – 100kg

Life Span – Up to 10 Years

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