PROTOS Helmet Integral G16 Visor Forestry

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All components have been integrated within the helmet shell, no longer possible to get stuck on branches, bushes or other obstacles

Product Description

PROTOS Helmet Integral G16 Visor Forestry

The Integral Solution makes the PROTOS Helmet Integral Forestry unique.

The PROTOS was developed specifically for the forest and is tailored to the most dangerous area of application.

The 2-color design ensures increased visibility. The profound neck shell protects the back of the head in case of an impact or fall.

The ventilation gate not only offers a plus in wear comfort but also serves as an additional bumper in case of impact, before the forces act on the main shell.

Large Range of colour options available for the PROTOS® Helmet Integral Forestry

PROTOS NZ Catalogue

Included Accessories:

  • PROTOS® Integral Hearing Protection – EN352-3 (Item No.: 204067)
  • PROTOS® Integral Metal Visor G16 – EN1731 (Item No.: 204063)

Safety Helmets – 5 year Life Span

Each PROTOS® version is based on the base model (Industry). Thus, you will all have the same shell along with an uncomplicated, modular principle. This principle makes it possible for any accessories, such as the PROTOS® Integral Protective Glasses, the PROTOS® Integral Metal Visor or the PROTOS® Maclip Torch to be easily and automatically added or removed.

Being certified in accordance with EN397 Industrial Safety Helmet (INDUSTRY/FORESTRY) embodies AS/NZ1801, EN352-3 Hearing Protection, EN1731 Facial Protection (G16/F39) EN12492 climber helmet (CLIMBER/ARBORIST chin strap) and EN1078 cycling/skiing. The PROTOS® Integral system can be adapted within seconds to industry, forestry, tree care, rescue, skiing, cycling and climbing applications.

Despite all their individuality, the various model types have one thing in common: Upmost safety, best wear comfort and unique technology standards, all have been top priorities during development.

All helmets are serialised with a build date located under the brim – all helmets have a 5 year life span.


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