Helmet Protos Integral Industry 202000 – Helmet Only

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Helmet Protos Integral Industry 202000 – Helmet Only


No matter whether for structural, underground, or road constructions as well as canal and tunnel work or other industrial activities – when the head is in danger, the proper protection according to EN 397 is indispensable. The PROTOS® Integral Industry has been developed for these daily applications and beyond them. Unprecedented wear comfort and safety that surpasses all standards by far, protect the head better than ever. Thanks to the modular principle, the PROTOS® Integral Industry can also be upgraded for other missions at any time. A head protection for all application areas.


One size (54-62)


EP Nr. 2 498 636
EU design no. 1731167
Swiss design no. 137 620
US design pat. no. D677,006
EP Patent No. 2 498 635
EP design no. 1 974 528
EP design no. 2012 101 489


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