PROTOS Integal Earmuff with Helmet Clip

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Product Description

PROTOS Integal Earmuff with Helmet Clip

The patented hearing protection of the PROTOS Integal Earmuff provides a noise reduction of SNR=27 dB, thus creating a safe level. By meeting the standard EN 352-3, the hearing protection is indispensable for all work with disruptive or harmful noise. If the hearing protection is not required, it can be easily shifted between the active and passive positions using two fingers. The hearing protectors can be (un)clipped easily with two fingers.

To maintain the noise absorption values, the Absorption Inserts (Item 204059) should be replaced every 2–3 years and the Support Pad (Item 204062) should be replaced every six months for daily use.


  • Integrated clipping system for the PROTOS® Integral Helmets, “fold back” into helmet shell – no external hang up
  • Down force/clamp pressure adjustable (5 settings on each ear muff – factory set at minimum clamp force)
  • Ear position in cradle is adjustable
  • Certified EN352-3 HPD exceeds Class 5 with an SNR rating of 27
  • Communications options available
  • Replacement hygiene kits available
  • PROTOS Integal Earmuff with lots of colour options available


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