Hand Wash Refresh – Deb Azure Foam Soap 1ltr

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Highly economical, only one dose is required to provide effective hand cleansing.

Product Description

Hand Wash Refresh – Deb Azure Foam Soap 1ltr

Hand Wash Refresh – Deb Azure Foam Soap 1lt


A mild, biodegradable foam hand wash with added moisturisers and lightly scented with a new Signature Fragrance of Crisp Fruit. Cleans hands and washes away over 99% of dirt and germs.

Where to use – Washroom areas in offices, education, nurseries, public facilities, healthcare and aged care environments.

Instructions for use 

  • Apply one shot to wet or dry hands
  • Rub across all part of the hands
  • Rinse off with clean water
  • Dry thoroughly
  • About Refresh™ AZURE FOAM

Features & Benefits

  • Good Environmental Choice Australia Certified Product – This product has been independently certified as meeting the requirements of Good Environmental Choice Australia PCPv4.1i-2013 Personal Care Products Standard. See www.geca.eco.
  • Signature Fragrance – A ‘Crisp Fruit’ fragrance with caring, pleasantly fresh and clean notes to elevate the restroom experience for every day use. Proven to have broad appeal amongst washroom users.
  • Mild Formulation – Dermatologist tested to verify and confirm this product does not elicit dermal irritation.
  • Mild Preservative – Specially formulated with one of the mildest preservatives to reduce the risk of skin irritation from using this product.
  • Contains Glycerin – A skin moisturiser to help prevent drying and leave the skin feeling smooth after use.
  • Formulated with a low pH value (5.5 – 6.5) – Formulated to maintain the skin’s acid mantle.
  • Washes away over 99% of dirt and germs – Just a single pump is required for highly effective skin cleansing.
  • Readily Biodegradable – The formula and each of its carbon containing ingredients will decompose into simple, non-toxic substances in 28 days or less in accordance with OECD301F standard.
  • High quality foam – Pleasant silky smooth skin and helps reinforce good hand washing practice.
  • Convenient, quick and easy – Dispenses foam on the hands which is instantly ready for washing and quick & easy rinsing from hands and sinks.
  • Excellent cost in use – Highly economical, only one dose is required to provide effective hand cleansing.
  • Reduces water consumption – Can save up to 45% on water consumption

A single cartridge will give you up to 1538 applications

Azu1L Data Sheet

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