Bolle Safety Glasses Komet Red Flash

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Product Description

Bolle Safety Glasses Komet Red Flash

Bolle safety Glasses Komet Flash Red

With a low light transmission of 13%, the Bolle safety glasses Komet PSSKOMEF06 Fire Flash Safety Sunglasses have red flash tinted lenses keep your eyes protected from sun glare and harmful UV radiation. These safety sunglasses are sustainably engineered through a process of hot runner moulding so you can protect your eyes and the planet

  • Ultra Wrap around frame
  • Linear Design of the Temple Arms
  • No Metal Parts
  • Outdoor use only
  • Filters UVA and UVB (99.99%)


KEY FEATURES – Bolle safety Glasses Komet

  • Wraparound design has a close to face fit providing an exceptional degree of sun glare protection
  • These dark lenses have a low light transmission of just 13% making them ideal for use outside
  • Built sustainably using a hot runner moulding process that saves on raw materials and energy
  • Protective sunglasses filter out up to 99.99% of harmful UV radiation and UVA and UVB light
  • Ergonomic design featuring flat temples for a comfortable fit that will suit most head shapes
  • No metal parts included in the build of the sunglasses
  • Weight: 30.5g (approx 0.067 lbs)
  • Lens Colour: Red Flash
  • Frame Colour: Black
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate
  • Frame Material: Polycarbonate


These lenses are ideal for use in an outdoor industrial environment thanks to their red flash-coloured lenses which work to reduce sun glare with only 13% light transmission. They not only function as sunglasses but also meet EN standards for particle protection and protection from extreme temperatures.


Transmitted through natural light, harmful UV radiation can have a negative impact on your long-term eye health but these lenses do not only provide physical particle protection, they also filter out 99.99% of harmful UV radiation to keep the wearer safe from UVA and UVB light.


These glasses fit closely to the face and provide wraparound protection that is designed to prevent sun glare and bright light from reaching you whatever angle it comes from. They are suited for use in outdoor industrial environments as they also protect from high speed particles at extreme temperatures.


These glasses are engineered using hot runner moulding, a sustainable engineering process chosen by Bollé as they attempt to be as sustainable as possible. This process reduces energy and raw material consumption involved in constructing each pair of glasses, so your purchase will not only protect your eyes but the planet as well.


The Komet Fire Flash Safety Sunglasses are built to comfortably accommodate the majority of head shapes, with ergonomic flat temples. They are also lightweight and feature slight indentations on the temples to secure them in place without applying uncomfortable pressure so that these glasses can be worn continuously throughout the working day.


These glasses should be cleaned regularly to preserve the quality of vision provided by the sunglass lenses. Regular cleaning will not damage the structural integrity of the sunglasses. For optimum longevity of the safety glasses, they should be stored in a dry and clean environment, either in a microfibre pouch or rigid hard-shell case.


We recommend purchasing these glasses alongside the Bollé Safety Glasses Neck Cord CORDC, an adjustable round-the-neck cord designed to protect your glasses and prevent you from losing them. This accessory is ideal if you are kitting out a workforce and want to ensure everyone will hold onto their own pair of safety glasses.


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