Bolle Kick Office Blue Blocker Spec

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Product Description

Bolle Kick Office Blue Blocker Spec

Bolle Kick Office Blue Blocker Spec lens technology helps protect against harmful blue light of all kind (screens, lighting) to reduce its impact on health. Blue Blocker is offered on plano lenses to improve visual comfort.


  • Protection against harmful blue light in all environments
  • Improves contrast and doesn’t modify color perception
  • Scratch resistant hard coating
  • Technology in the core of the lens


This clear blue light filter blocks harmful blue light. Embedded within the PC lens, this technology is more resistant than other blue light coatings. Blue Blocker lens technology enhances the wearer’s perception of contrast and colours, without tinting the vision. Moulded in 2mm PC lenses, it provides all the protection offered by polycarbonate, and more. Specifically designed for users without correction needs (see B-ZEN technology for prescription eyewear), Blue Blocker is available on various products (curve 4 to 8) to fit anyone’s needs.

Available on a wide range of frames (with and without side shields), this technology is embedded in a 2mm thick PC lenses which provide a greater durability as well as a protection against impact as rated by the ANSI Z87 standard.

Blue Blocker Product Guide

Bolle’s Mission:

Protect people’ vision, all over the world, in the harshest environments to improve their performance and well-being.

Safety begins behind your eyes. Not in front of it.

So let’s not just talk about safety. Let’s change what it means to be safe.

Not as something that you have to do but as something that makes you be great at what you work for.


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