Controlco Body Fluid Spill Kit

Product Code: 13-2000

$59.19 (GST Excl.)

$68.07 (GST Incl.)

This kit helps make it easier on everyone

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Product Description

Controlco Body Fluid Spill Kit

Cleaning up bodily fluids including vomit, urine, and blood requires care, sensitivity and efficiency. This kit helps make it easier on everyone involved by suppressing odour and providing the professional tools needed to make the job fast and effective. The compact kit should be standard for a whole range of businesses and facilities including; early childhood centres, schools, elder care facilities, supermarkets, malls, restaurants, and medical centres. For responder protection, the kit includes PPE.

Single use only.


  • Compact and easy to store
  • Quick, professional clean-up solution
  • Includes PPE for responder protection
  • Face mask with eye shield
  • Protective apron and gloves
  • Absorbent powder sachet
  • Scoop and scraper
  • Clinical waste bag and tie
  • Cloth and antiseptic towelette


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