ZERO Anchor-To-Go Temporary Anchor AAP000M

Product Code: AAP000M

$309.83 (GST Excl.)

$356.3 (GST Incl.)

Temporary sheet metal roof anchor

Product Description

ZERO Anchor-To-Go Temporary Anchor AAP000M

ZERO Anchor-To-Go simple and effective for roof access onto sheet metal roofs. Fits to edge of the roof sheeting (in the gutter line) with simple cam clamps to hold in place.

By attaching a ropeline and throwing the rope to the opposite side of the roof, it means workers can access the roof area and add other fall arrest anchorages on the upper roof area as required.

Features of the ZERO Anchor-To-Go:

  • Fall arrest rated for one person
  • Does not require any fixings
  • Only suitable for sheet metal roofing with a minimum of 0.42m thickness. Use only on roofing which is sound and well fixed
  • Essential anchor for an worker that needs to access rooftops such as plumbers, servicing technicians, installers, painters

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