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Headlamp PA63 – Portwest Powerful Head Light

Product Code: PA63YBR

Powerful and reliable headlight

$14.00 (GST Excl.)

Head Light LED Silver Portwest Batteries included

Product Code: PA50SIR

New and improved brightness now with 8 L.E.D’s.

$10.00 (GST Excl.)

Pelican 2765 headlight

Product Code: 2765

Hands-free headlamp

$97.00 (GST Excl.)

High-Powered Pocket Torch PA68

Product Code: PA68BKR

High-powered pocket torch

$18.50 (GST Excl.)

Princeton Quad Tactical Headlamp

Product Code: QUADTACBK

78 lumen headlamp with four ultrabright LEDs

$89.10 (GST Excl.)

Princeton Tec EOS II Headlamp

Product Code: EOSIIBK

Intrinsically safe 60lm Headlamp

$130.35 (GST Excl.)

Tactical Torch PA54

Product Code: PA54BKR

Tactical Torch

$20.90 (GST Excl.)

HeadLamp LED Dual Spectrum 2760

Product Code: 027600-0101-170

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS 95 / 204 Lumen Main White Light 42 Lumen White Downcast Light White and Red Flashing Signal Modes…

$65.40 (GST Excl.)

USB Rechargeable Torch PA75

Product Code: PA75BKR

USB Rechargeable Torch

$46.90 (GST Excl.)

LED Rechargeable Headlight

Product Code: PA70BKR

LED Rechargeable Headlight

$37.90 (GST Excl.)

Meteor LED Light Minibar Magnetic Mount

Product Code: MMB-M

High Performance LED Mini Lightbar, Vacuum Magnetic Mount High quality European design Excellent light output from 42 x 3W high…

$234.00 (GST Excl.)

Battery CR2016 Lithium Button Cell Single

Product Code: BAT2016

Ideal for portable specialty devices. Features and benefits Voltage: 3.0. Capacity: 80mAh. Operating Temperature: -20 to 50 deg Cel.

$2.46 (GST Excl.)

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