Best Disposable Gloves in NZ

Having the right disposable gloves for the job can make a massive difference in how easy it is to perform the tasks you need to do. There are a few things to look for to decide which are the best disposable gloves for your needs. Different types of gloves have different strengths and weaknesses so are suitable for specific tasks.

Different kinds of disposable gloves in NZ

Disposable gloves in NZ are typically made from a few different materials. Latex, nitrile, and vinyl are the most common materials.

Latex gloves

Available in a wide range, latex gloves are a very common type of disposable glove. Clear, loose-fitting gloves are often used in food service and minimal-risk areas. These gloves don’t have a snug fit and are meant to simply provide a barrier from the hands to the product.

On the higher end, snug-fitting latex gloves are suitable for heavy industrial tasks and jobs like tattoo artists. These latex gloves are elastic and also don’t tear easily. One advantage of latex gloves is that they tend to be the most affordable option but still work in a large range of environments.

Nitrile gloves

While latex gloves are suitable for a wide range of uses, the main issue with them is the high prevalence of latex allergies. Nitrile gloves are a type of rubber developed to combat this issue and are also resistant to abrasion and punctures. This is especially true of higher-end gloves.

Nitrile also has a natural resistance to chemicals, oil, and temperatures. This makes them an ideal choice for handling paints and things like vehicle chemicals. As a synthetic material, nitrile was designed specifically to be versatile but it also costs more than latex.

Vinyl gloves

Also known as PVC, vinyl gloves are suitable for most people and are excellent for handling chemicals. While they don’t tend to have the same tear or puncture resistance as nitrile or latex, they are excellent for everyday tasks.

Like nitrile, allergies to vinyl are rare. However, they aren’t biodegradable like natural latex so it’s important to dispose of them properly. Vinyl gloves are suitable for light tasks in low-risk areas.

Powdered vs unpowdered disposable gloves

All disposable glove materials have options for powdered and unpowdered. The benefit of powder is that it lets you slip on gloves quickly and easily and absorbs sweat. The gloves also come apart better and many people find them more comfortable. Powdered gloves tend to cost slightly less as well.

However, the powder also had some allergic risks, enough that they aren’t allowed in many medical environments. There is also the risk of powder contamination making them less ideal for food handling.

If you aren’t concerned about possible contamination and are in a high-paced area, powdered gloves might be right for you. If not, non-powdered are usually a safer bet.

How to choose the best disposable gloves in NZ

Once you know what kind of gloves to look for, how do you know which are the best disposable gloves for you? The answer depends on what you plan to use them for. A lot of our customers tend to use them for everyday tasks like at-home food prep, for industrial use, or in the medical field.

Best disposable gloves for everyday tasks

For everyday tasks, gloves that are easy to put on and handle are probably best. Our most affordable option is the Lynn River Latex powdered disposable gloves. These come in a box of 100 and comply with food-safe regulations.

For a nitrile option, we have Esko High FIve Sensor Touch gloves. These also come in a box of 100.

Best disposable gloves for industrial use

Industrial disposable gloves are an area we focus on, so we have plenty to choose from. We carry Esko High Five Industrial and our Heavy Duty Latex Gloves that are both fit for industrial use.

For even heavier usage, we have gloves for chemical protection. These include Greensheild Double Dipped 450mm and Chemical Solvex gloves.

Best disposable gloves for medical

We have a couple of options for nitrile gloves suitable for medical use. Nitrile Gloves Powder Free Blue 100 Pack and Gloves Disposable High Risk Nitrile 6mil Box 50 are both ideal for medical environments.

Gloves and more at Safety1st

Along with disposable gloves, we have a lot of other safety equipment too. Take a look at our article What is PPE to find out more about PPE options. We also have medical equipment like first aid kits and supplies. Check out our full range and shop online to find the right equipment for your workplace.