What kind of first aid kit do I need for my workplace?

A first aid kit is something you want around but hope you don’t need. But if there’s an accident in the workplace, you’ll want to make sure that your kit has the right pieces to help. In this article, we’ll show you some things to look for so you can choose the right kit for your workplace.

First Aid Kits for NZ Workplaces

First aid kits are essential for all NZ workplaces. In fact, Worksafe NZ says every workplace needs to have a first aid kit on site and that workers need to know where it is. Those kits must meet certain criteria as well.

There are certain pieces that all kits in the workplace must have, regardless of the industry.

First Aid Checklist

All first kits for workplaces need to have components that address these things:

  • Cuts, grazes, punctures, scratches and splinters
  • Minor burns
  • Eye Injuries
  • Shock
  • Sprains and strains on soft tissue
  • Broken bones

Any firstaid kit that’s directed at workplaces should cover all of these things at a minimum. However, you might have more requirements depending on the industry and the specific risks involved on the job.

First Aid Checklist for specific jobs

Depending on your work type, you might have more minimum requirements for your kit. Additional eye protection like eye pads are required in jobs where there is a high risk of flying particles. And if driving is part of the job you may also need a vehicle first aid kit in an accessible location.

See this First aid at work guide from Worksafe for a complete list of requirements.

Finding the right first aid kit for your workplace

Once you’ve determined the requirements for the kit for your workplace, you need to find one that fits your needs. At Safety1st NZ, we make it easy by putting helpful information right in the product name. Here are a few examples:

Check it out when you get the chance or see our full range of first aid here.