ZERO Stretcher Skid Rescue Kit RS00WP

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Rescue stretcher kit

Product Description

ZERO Stretcher Skid Rescue Kit RS00WP

Zero Stretcher Skid Rescue

A lightweight, non-flammable, rescue stretcher specially designed for use in confined spaces with limited access including rescue at height, helicopter & military operations and water rescue.

Compact for transport and storage, the stretcher can be rolled to fit into a backpack. When assembled, the stretcher has rigid strength-giving excellent support to the casualty. The sled shape helps the stretcher to slide over any rough terrain and flexible to fit all body shapes + sizes.

Supplied as a kit including:

  • Transport backpack with straps for pulling the stretchers with casualty.
  • Sling straps for horizontal transport.
  • 10.5mm rope for vertical transport.
  • Four additional holders for transport by a group of rescuers.


  • Weighs 6.26kg
  • Carrying capacity 500kg
  • 243.5x92cm (unfolded)
  • 18x92cm (folded)


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