ZERO Spark Lanyard for Hot Works LSZRFX5

Product Code: LSZRFX5

$202.64 (GST Excl.)

$233.04 (GST Incl.)

Single rope lanyard with snaphook & scaffold hook for hot works

Product Description

ZERO Spark Lanyard for Hot Works LSZRFX5

This ZERO Spark Lanyard made from Aramid rope for hot works like grinding and metal cutting. Resistant to flame, the rope is protected against sparks, molten metal drops etc. European quality.

Features of the ZERO Spark Lanyard for Hot Works:

  • Aramid Rope with polyamide core for hot works
  • Includes shock absorber with protective fabric cover
  • The shock absorber will tear to absorb the energy in the event of a fall
  • Standard simple lanyard for attachment to anchor points
  • Shock absorber end connects to the fall arrest point on the harness
  • Snaphook and scaffhook rated to 20kN
  • Do not remove the yellow cover as this protects the shock absorber from environmental damage

At ZERO Height Safety (NZ/AU) Limited, committed to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices throughout our operations.

100% New Zealand owned & operated


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