ZERO Hammerhead Twin Self-Retractable Lanyard LHR02W5

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Twin Retractable Lanyard

Product Description

ZERO Hammerhead Twin Self-Retractable Lanyard LHR02W5

Ideal for scaffolders, the Zero Hammerhead is a twin tailed self-retracting webbing lifeline (SRL) that provides a continuous 2-point connection with large 20kN rated scaffold hooks.

The heavy duty aluminium block connects directly to harness via a swivel anchorage eye to prevent the webbing twisting. Its self-locking system ensures it’s ready to engage in the event of a fall and the webbing is kept under constant tension to reduce the fall distance.

The energy absorption system rapidly reduces energy in a fall and the heavy-duty cover protects the lanyard from environmental damage.

Features of the ZERO Hammerhead Twin Self-Retractable Lanyard:

  • Aluminium casing
  • 25mm Polyester webbing
  • 2m maximum length
  • energy absorption system (Polyester construction)
  • 1x swivel anchorage eye
  • 2x double action scaffold hook (rated to20kN)
  • Minimum breaking strength: 15kN
  • Impact force: less than 6kN

At ZERO Height Safety (NZ/AU) Limited, committed to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices throughout our operations.

100% New Zealand owned & operated


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