Auto Grab rope grab device

Product Code: YAG-004

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Product Description

Auto Grab rope grab device

This mobile rope grab is a Type 1 fall arrest device. Ideal backup for rope work. Moves freely up and down the ropeline, auto arrests falls and uncontrolled slides. The cams are toothless so are relatively gentle on ropes.

  • Connect to the harness using an oval connector.
  • Short connecting lanyard can be used For rope diameter 11.0 to 12.0mm.
  • Single person use only.
  • Lever for manual override free-move function.
  • Can be installed at any point along the rope.
Ref. Model Size Weight Rated to Dimensions Material Applications  
g kg
Auto rope grab device YAG-004     15Kn   Aluminium
EN 353.2
AS/NZS 1891.3


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