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Pacific Classic Interfold Towel 20/200ctn IC-100

Product Code: IC-100

Where cost and efficiency count. Quality single fold hand towel offering economical hand drying performance. Controlled use – single sheet…

$83.87 (GST Excl.)

Sorb-X Deluxe 2ply BLUE Centrefeed 6/CTN

Product Code: SX2122A

6 pack 2ply centrefeed blue paper towels by Pacific Hygiene

$106.81 (GST Excl.)

Pacific Ultra Deluxe Towel 150/20 ctn

Product Code: UD200C

Pacific Deluxe Ultra hand Towel – FSC. 150 sheets. Highly absorbent towel Larger size: 235 x 307.5mm FSC certified 150…

$79.80 (GST Excl.)

Interfold Hand Towel Dispenser White

Product Code: D53

$28.35 (GST Excl.)

Classic slimline towel 200/20 ctn

Product Code: SC-100

23cm x 21cm Code: SC100C Packaging: 200 Sheets/Pack, 20 Packs/Ctn Dispenser: D55W, D55B, D56W, D56B Environmental: FSC® Certified Features: An…

$82.29 (GST Excl.)

Dispenser box 82L x100 bag (sold per dispenser –but 2/ctn)

Product Code: PB082R

Code: PB082R Packaging: 1000x810mm, 100/Box, 2 Boxes/Ctn (200) Features: Star sealed bags are manufactured by folding the bottom of the…

$35.76 (GST Excl.)
Was: $42.07


Liner 27L Kitchen Tidy WHT CTN(1000)

Product Code: PBK027R

White Roll, 10 micron, HDPE, Star Seal, Peach Fragrance Code: PBK027R Packaging: 620 x 520mm, 50/Roll, 20 Rolls/Ctn (1000) Features:…

$67.93 (GST Excl.)
Was: $79.92


Oxygen Pro Dispenser – White

Product Code: OXY-DISPW

Worlds Best Odour Control System. Continuous fresh scent and odour control. Oxy-Gen Powered is the only technology that guarantees the…

$0.01 (GST Excl.)

Oxygen Pro Grande Cartridge – Spring

Product Code: OXY-SPRING

Spring- Intense floral notes of yland, lavander & geranium with hints of fresh cologne & lemon. SAFE – No added…

$34.45 (GST Excl.)

Oxygen Pro Grande Cartridge – Tang

Product Code: OXY-TANG

Tang- Intensely fruity perfume with hints of orange supported by warm spices . SAFE – No added solvents & no…

$34.45 (GST Excl.)

Oxygen Pro Grande Cartridge – Crush

Product Code: OXY-CRUSH

Crush – mix of pineapple, tropical fruits & coconut. SAFE – No added solvents & no alcohol included. ECO-FRIENDLY –…

$34.45 (GST Excl.)

Deluxe 3-ply pocket pack Tissues 300/ctn

Product Code: DPP10

Pacific deluxe facial tissues. 3 ply Pocket pack with 10 sheets Code: DPP10 Packaging: 10/pack, 10 packs/inners wrap, 30 inners/ctn…

$85.86 (GST Excl.)

Delux 1-ply Jumbo 500mtr Rolls(ctn8)

Product Code: DJ1

Packaging: 500m/Roll, 8 Rolls/Ctn Dispenser: D32B, D32W, D33B, D33W, DX32 Environmental: FSC® Certified Features: A cost effective and practical system…

$52.81 (GST Excl.)

Delux 2-ply Jumbo 300mtr Rolls(ctn8)

Product Code: DJ2

Packaging: 300m/Roll, 8 Rolls/Ctn Dispenser: D32B, D32W, D33B, D33W, DX32 Environmental: FSC® Certified Features: A cost effective and practical system…

$48.12 (GST Excl.)
Was: $56.61


Auto cut dispenser white

Product Code: D57

Suits Product:AS300, AS200, AS200BFeatures:AUTOcut complements our highly successful AUTOsense touch sensitive dispenser and offers a manual dispensing option where AUTOsense…

$75.60 (GST Excl.)

Centrefeed dispenser white

Product Code: D52

Suits Product:SX2110, SX2112, SX2120, SX2122, SX6810, SX2116A

$50.63 (GST Excl.)

Jumbo Dispenser White Double

Product Code: D33W

White Plastic. L27cm W48cm D13.2cm Code: D33W Suits Product: DJ2, DJ1, GJ2, GJ1

$0.00 (GST Excl.)

Mini Jumbo Roll Dispenser

Product Code: D34W

White Plastic. L18.5cm W31.5cm D12cm Code: D34W Suits Product: CMJ2, CMJ1   Not for Sale

$0.00 (GST Excl.)

Deluxe 2ply toilet tissue ctn 48

Product Code: D2-280

Individual Wrap, 280 Sheets Code: D2280B Packaging: 280 Shts/Roll, 48 Rolls/Ctn Dispenser: D31 Environmental: FSC® certified Features: Delicate embossing. High…

$48.72 (GST Excl.)
Was: $57.32


Classic Mini 2-ply 100mtr Rolls(ctn 18)

Product Code: CMJ2

Code: CMJ2 Packaging: 100m/Roll, 18 Rolls/Ctn Dispenser: D34W, D34B Features: Accommodates medium to high traffic areas being very cost effective

$63.97 (GST Excl.)

Auto sense classic blue 20cm 182m/roll 6 rolls

Product Code: AS200B

Code:AS200BPackaging:200m/Roll, 6 Rolls/CtnDispenser:D50 D57Environmental:FSC® CertifiedFeatures:Ideal for kitchens, food handling and food preparation at all levels

$126.25 (GST Excl.)

Ocean Rain foaming Anti-Bac 1 litre

Product Code: AB1000

iquid soap with active antibacterial agents for optimum cleaning. MPI C51 approval Ocean foam scent 1litre

$16.58 (GST Excl.)

Sorb-X Deluxe 2ply Centrefeed 6/CTN

Product Code: 2120

Packaging: 22cm, 180m/Roll, 6 Rolls/Ctn Dispenser: D52 Features: A general purpose tissue wiper. Fast absorbency of oil, grease and water….

$115.90 (GST Excl.)

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