Quell Smoke Alarm Photoelectric Quell Q301 Hush/Test

Product Code: L136001

$21.79 (GST Excl.)

$25.06 (GST Incl.)

Product Description

Quell Smoke Alarm Photoelectric Quell Q301 Hush/Test

This smoke alarm is designed for bedrooms and hallways. Photoelectric smoke alarms have a sensing chamber which uses a beam of light and a light sensor. When smoke enters the chamber it changes the amount of light that reaches the sensor and the alarm sounds when the smoke reaches a certain level. They are best at detecting slow burning fires which burn for hours before bursting into flame. Powered by a single 9 Volt battery.

  • 9 Volt alkaline battery.
  • Hush Button.
  • Test Button.
  • Extra loud 85db warning tone.
  • Low battery warning.
  • Mounting hardware included.



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