ZERO Pinnacle Zertec Volt Rated Helmet

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Volt rated multi-impact helmet

Product Description

ZERO Pinnacle Zertec Volt Rated Helmet

The new ZERO Pinnacle ZERTEC features Koroyd welded tubes that crush uniformly on impact, reducing the risk of injury. The Pinnacle Zertec provides true multi-impact protection, making it ideal head protection for the professional that works at heights where there is a risk of electric shock.

Versatile and rugged, the ZERTEC includes slots for cap attached ear protectors and capacity for direct fit visors, including Arc-Flash rated visors from 12cal/cm2 to 40cal/cm2.

With a fire-rated chinstrap, a light and comfortable helmet with an attractive style is designed for industrial, construction, work at heights, arborist and abseil use: particularly where there is a risk of electric shock or arc flash.

Hybrid safety standards include both industrial durability and mountaineering impact certifications, ensuring the ZERTEC helmet meets the new regulations for work at heights- as well as applications where the chin strap must not be releasable and the helmet can withstand multiple blows and prevent penetrations from various angles.


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