Miller TurboLite 2M Type2 Fall Arrestor Karabiner/Scaffold

Product Code: MFL-2/2M-AUS

$319.9 (GST Excl.)

$367.89 (GST Incl.)

Product Description

Miller TurboLite 2M Type2 Fall Arrestor Karabiner/Scaffold

Miller TurboLite is a small and light fully compliant retractable Fall Arrest Block designed to be used as a personal fall limiter arresting free fall within millimetres.


  • This model comes with Twistlock Karabiner/Scaffold Hook (as pictured)
  • Its retractable technology prevents trip hazards while its built in swivel also prevents lifeline twisting
  • The TurboLite is extremely compact and light weight
  • It provides 2m working capacity lifeline which attaches directly to the harness back D-ring for greater mobility and versatility
  • The high strength, impact resistant nylon housing and engineered HiTech Polyester/Vectran Webbing provide more resistance to abrasion, increasing durability
  • The TurboLite eliminates the need for different fall protection equipment to address fall clearance and reduces risk as workers will always be using the proper equipment when fall clearance changes
  • The TurboLite can also be used in horizontal and foot level applications where an overhead anchorage point is unavailable (please read supplementary instructions on horizontal usage)


  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Warehousing


  • Conforms to standard EN 360
  • Accepted under clause 1.6 of AS/NZS 1891.3

Technical Information:

  • Length, bearing point to bearing point fully extracted: 2 meters. Actual manufactured length, bearing point to bearing point fully extracted: 81.75± 1.0 inches (2.076 ± .025 meters)
  • Weight 0.85 kg
  • Terminations: 17mm opening aluminium twistlock karabiner at top and 19mm opening aluminium snap hook at bottom
  • Certified for a 140 kg user
  • High impact nylon housing, S/Steel breaking mechanism, Polyester/Vectron webbing


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