Earplug X-treme Uncorded, Individual bag 26dB Cl5 200/bx

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Product Description

Earplug X-treme Uncorded, Individual bag 26dB Cl5 200/bx

Key Features

  • Comfortable earplug with high attenuation
  • Brightly coloured offering high visibility and worker compliance
  • Smooth tapered shape for easy insertion and removal
  • Corded version helps to guard against the earplugs falling onto the floor
  • Conveniently sized hand dispensing option for easy accessibility
  • Wall or bench top dispenser provides a refillable option for the whole work area

Recommended Industries/Use

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing


  • Noise


  • NOHSC: 1007 (2000) – National Standard for Occupational Noise (AUS/NZ)
  • NR 15 – Security and Health of Work, Annexes 1 and 2, n°3.214/1978 – Occupational Noise Regulations (BR)
  • ANSI S12.6/1997 – Method B – Attenuation Test Protocol (BR)
  • 9001:2008 – ISO


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