Barrier Tec 1000 Coveralls Type 5/6 SMS

Product Code: WEB751000

$9.50 $7.60 (GST Excl.)


Product Description

Barrier Tec 1000 Coveralls Type 5/6 SMS

Suitable for protection against airborne dry particles (non gas) and reduced liquid spray where there is not directional spray or build up (pooling) of liquid.

Made from SMS 55gsm, Tri-laminate Material
Type 5 EN ISO 13982-2 Dry Particle
Type 6 EN ISO 13034 Reduced Spray Suit
The double layer Spun-bound Polypropylene provides extra tear and puncture resistance – improving fabric strength and garment durability. While the melt-blown laminate between these layers provides particle barrier capabilities.
Zipped front with elasticated hood, wrists and ankles.
Soft, breathable and light – great value for money!

Recommended Uses: Asbestos Handling, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Hygiene/Cleaning, Waste management, Automotive


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