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Controlco Spill Deck – 1 Drum with Blader 01-1082

Product Code: 01-1082

Space is not only the final frontier, it’s also at an absolute premium in many workshops and storage areas. At…

$952.23 (GST Excl.)

Controlco Sillpan – 4 Drum 02-1002

Product Code: 02-1002

Spills and drips from drums, especially when they’re being stored temporarily, is something no-one wants to be dealing with. This…

$819.90 (GST Excl.)

Controlco Vehicle Spill Kit – Aggressive – 20L

Product Code: 13-1011

When transporting harsh chemicals, this Controlco Vehicle Spill Kit can quickly prevent a small chemical spill from becoming a very…

$173.74 (GST Excl.)

Controlco Sorbent Roll – Universal – 800mm x 50m

Product Code: 07-1001

This Controlco Sorbent Roll definitely isn’t finicky. (If Brussels sprouts were a liquid, it wouldn’t hold back.) It’ll mop up…

$399.65 (GST Excl.)

Controlco Spill Deck – 2 Drum with Bladder 01-1083

Product Code: 01-1083

When compliance is a real challenge, here’s a very practical solution. Storing up to 2 x 200L drums, this Controlco…

$1224.88 (GST Excl.)

Controlco Spillpan – 2 Drum 02-1001 “Picture of the 4 drum model”

Product Code: 02-1001

Totally on-point, this is an agile bunded solution to perpetual workplace challenges; spills and space. Spillpals provide flexible, temporary, effective…

$612.95 (GST Excl.)

Controlco Static Spill Kit – Oil Only – 50L

Product Code: 13-1006

Waterways are the lifeblood of New Zealand. This spill kit is doing its best to help make sure they are…

$266.40 (GST Excl.)

Controlco Sorbent Boom – Oil Only – 200mm x 3m

Product Code: 10-1001

Oil, diesel or other hydrocarbon spills into waterways are the stuff nightmares are made of. (And at least one disaster…

$143.45 (GST Excl.)

Controlco Spill Deck – 4 Drum with Blader 01-1084

Product Code: 01-1084

Surprisingly compact, considering its 4 x 200L drum capacity, this Controlco Spill Deck with Bladder is no slouch. Designed and…

$1732.25 (GST Excl.)

Control Spill Kit Workshop – Universal 13-1014

Product Code: 13-1014

It’s like a first aid kit, except it’s for spills. One of the most flexible and popular Controlco Spill Kits,…

$163.30 (GST Excl.)

Controlco Mobile Spill Kit – Oil Only – 100L

Product Code: 13-1003

Marinas are this oil-only Controlco Mobile Spill Kit’s natural habitat. But these kits are also suited to small fuel stops…

$584.15 (GST Excl.)

Drum Plug – 250g

Product Code: 22-1005

An excellent addition to spill kits, this compound provides a fast, effective temporary way to plug leaks of hydrocarbons and…

$50.12 (GST Excl.)

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